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Start 2024 with 12 weeks of Sourcing Training

Start 2024 with 12 weeks of Sourcing Training

  I provide online training courses via Recruiting Gym. This year, Recruiting Gym are opening up the live training provision that goes along with our main sourcing courses for anyone to join. Q1 will be led by me and have a specific focus on using LinkedIn to its...

Sourcing Hat is now Cup & Sourcer

Sourcing Hat is now Cup & Sourcer

We are rebranding and changing the company name from Sourcing Hat to Cup & Sourcer! Here's why. In 2012 I registered Sourcing Hat as a limited company. I’d been debating a name, and nothing felt right until this idea dawned on me.  I had talked about putting my...

The Benefits of ChatGPT for Recruiters

The Benefits of ChatGPT for Recruiters

As a recruiter, your time is valuable. You have a lot of responsibilities, from sourcing and screening candidates to coordinating interviews and negotiating offers. It can be tough to keep up with all of the demands on your time, and anything that can help you work...

A Review of ChatGPT from OpenAI

A Review of ChatGPT from OpenAI

As a writer the announcement of ChatGPT back in November 2022 made my heart sink. The creativity and imagination we writers love to use, could surely not be recreated by AI tech? But having used OpenAI’s DALL.E 2 image tool, I knew there was a possibility that the AI...

New Linkedin Feature: About This Profile

New Linkedin Feature: About This Profile

Have you heard about LinkedIn's new "About this profile" feature?LinkedIn doesn't tend to shout about new features, so it's very possible that this is the first you are hearing of it. I have to say, it is something from an employer or recruiter’s point of view, that I...

Projects on LinkedIn Profile

Did ‘Projects’ just become a key part of LinkedIn Profiles?

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Add Projects to your LinkedIn profile to improve SEO after LinkedIn restricts what information can be indexed by search engines.


LinkedIn recently removed some key sections from our public profiles. Read about them here.


Most notably, our Headlines and Experience sections are no longer indexable by search engines like Google. This will likely impact how easy we are to find via Google. 

So, we want to make sure that important keywords are used in parts of our profiles that are still visible. For example, the first 90 characters or so of our About sections are still visible – so I have made the first line of my About section an adapted version of my Headline. 

Another section of our LinkedIn profiles that is still visible is the Projects section, but very few recruiters seem to use it. I think it could be our saving grace for SEO purposes. 

If you want to be findable as a Finance Recruiter on Google, you need to get keywords relevant to that search into parts of your LinkedIn profile that are still visible to Search Engines. 


What is the Projects section on LinkedIn? 

The Projects section on your LinkedIn profile allows you to share the things you’ve worked on that might not easily fit in your Experience section. 

I have seen it used effectively by contractors or freelancers to show their individual assignments without complicating their Experience section. 

But there’s no reason you can’t highlight key projects you’ve been a part of in your Projects section and get a bunch of juicy keywords back on your profile at the same time. 


4 things a recruiter could add as a Project on their LinkedIn profile

Have you produced any case studies with your clients? These are ripe for being translated into projects on your LinkedIn profile. You can explain what your role was in delivering the assignment, show off who else was involved by adding everyone else involved like colleagues and clients, and you can add media as well (perfect if you have a video testimonial or a pdf case study).

Have you helped with a project not directly related to fulfillment? If you helped implement a new piece of software, like an ATS or CRM, tell us about it. 

Do you have a blog or a podcast to shout about? This is a great place to show off the extra-curricular content creation you get involved with. Don’t forget to add your co-authors or co-hosts and include a link so people can check it out. 

Do you host any events? At its heart, recruitment is networking, so it’s no surprise that a lot of recruiters and recruitment businesses end up running events (either online or in person) for their candidates and/or clients. Tell us about the events you run. 

With every project you add, you should be thinking about optimising keywords. Are you using words like “recruiter” as well as others relevant to your industry? 


How do I add the Projects section to my LinkedIn profile? 

In the box at the top of your LinkedIn profile you will see a button called ‘Add profile section’. Click on it and look under the ‘Recommended’ drop down. Select ‘Add Projects’ and start writing!

Tell me, what do you think of these changes from LinkedIn? 



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