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Sourcing training can be a great way to develop your recruiters.

A solid foundation in Internet search skills is essential for finding candidates, clients, and hiring insights.
Could your team benefit from:
  • Making use of free tools like Google and LinkedIn?
  • Getting the most out of paid resources like LinkedIn Recruiter and Job board CV databases?
  • Finding different talent on social networks and niche industry sites?

Katharine did great sessions for us on sourcing.

She took time to bespoke the course, understand us and our market niche and delivered two courses that really made a difference to how the teams used Boolean techniques. Katharine is a respected sourcing expert, a humble expert at that, and someone I would have no hesitation in recommending to any of my peers in the industry. The internal feedback was excellent on her. Informed, passionate, friendly and above all equipped to improve people with her skills to translate theory into simple and practical application.

If you need to get the most out of your sourcing talents get Katharine to help you!

Stewart Taylor

Senior Director Executive Search, Salesforce

How It Works

All training sessions are delivered by our founder, Katharine Robinson. She puts together bespoke sessions tailored to your business and your employees. 

Before we conduct training we like to send a (very short) questionnaire to all attendees to gauge the level of their knowledge. We wouldn’t want to bore or confuse anyone.

Katharine delivers training online via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. She can also deliver in person.

Our sessions are as interactive as possible. It is best if all attendees can have access to the Internet and a laptop (or another suitable device) during training. We like everyone to work on live roles and take useful results back to their desks after the training is finished.

Possible Training Workshops

We have never delivered two training sessions that were exactly the same. But some topics are more popular than others.

Here is a list of workshop ideas that might help you decide what you’d like to cover with your team in a Cup & Sourcer workshop.

If you have any questions or want to talk through your challenges use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Basic Google Search Skills:

Google is often overlooked as a sourcing tool, but knowing how to get the most out of this everyday tool will allow you to interegate any website quickly and confidently. The Boolean search skills you learn here will also help you on job boards and LinkedIn.

  • An Introduction to Boolean Search
  • Google Field Search commands
  • X-raying (or site searching)
  • Finding lists, CVs, names and contact details
  • Monitoring your searches


Setting yourself up for success on LinkedIn:

The candidates you call, message, and email will likely look you up before deciding whether or not to reply. LinkedIn profiles rank high up on Google search results for most recruiters and sourcers. Make sure you look like someone worth talking to.

  • A detailed Audit of your team’s LinkedIn profiles
  • Optimising LinkedIn profiles to make you more attractive to candidates and/or clients
  • Growing a relevant network on LinkedIn
  • Engaging your network for long-term success


Advanced Search Skills:

Take your Google search to the next level. For workshops like this, Katharine likes to dive into roles you are actively working on.

  • X-ray searching LinkedIn to discover profiles previously hidden from you
  • Building powerful search strings
  • Keyword identification
  • Chrome Extensions to help you work faster and smarter


Better messaging for higher response rates:

It’s tough to stand out. It’s also difficult to know if your messages are even being seen. These training topics can help you increase your response rates, especially via LinkedIn and email.

  • LinkedIn messaging options
  • Data from LinkedIn to help you send better InMails
  • Finding contact details outside of LinkedIn
  • Getting emails past spam filters
  • Writing subject lines that get your emails opened
  • The recipe for a great initial candidate message


An introduction to tech sourcing:

Arguably, tech talent is some of the easiest to find online. So why are so many sourcing roles in tech companies?

  • Why is sourcing tech talent so challenging?
  • Searching tech-specific platforms like Github & Stack Overflow
  • Cross-referencing the candidates we find
  • Sending messages that stand out

Stretch your sourcing muscles with an interactive challenge:

Challenge your team to a series of Internet search challenges, designed to increase confidence and get you trying new things.

Recruitment Training
Recruitment Training
Recruitment Training
Recruitment Training

Katharine has delivered some really interesting and user friendly training on sourcing and using LinkedIn. Her sessions are captivating and her knowledge is impressive.

I’ve learned a lot and have seen the benefits through an increase in LinkedIn applications for my roles along with an improved brand presence.

Sunflower Montague

Talent Acquisition Partner , AWE

Online and in Person Training

Online or in-person?

Which is best for you depends on how your team works and what time you can commit to the program. 


This is great for distributed or hybrid teams because attendees can join from anywhere. 

The training can also be delivered in shorter, more digestible chunks over the course of a few weeks.



If your team works in the same office, or you are all getting together, this can be a great opportunity to learn from each other as well as draw on Katharine’s experience. 

It’s far easier to make in-person sessions interactive and ensure that all participants are fully engaged. 

You can also cover a decent chunk of content in a day or half-day session.

What Happens Next

After your training

Any training slides or resources discussed during the session will be made available to you, they are yours to keep. 

 We support workshop attendees via phone and email after the training session for at least 6 weeks. We aim to respond to your questions within 48 hours. 

 For an additional fee, we can also provide:

  •  A video recording of online sessions
  • Regular drop-in surgery sessions for delegates to get ongoing help and inspiration.

If you’d prefer an online course:

An online course can work really well for those who want to go at their own pace.

I am the Sourcing Coach over at Recruiting Gym. The ethos at Recruiting Gym is that we learn the most by doing professional development little and often. The online courses in the Gym can be taken at your own pace. 

Recruiting Gym works with lots of different coaches, covering every aspect of Recruitment training. Whatever your challenge, we can find someone to help. 

Here are some of the courses Katharine has contributed to the Gym. Click on the images to learn more.

Sourcing and engagement
Mastering LinkedIn Recruiter
Training zone