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Talent Sourcing

Need more candidates to talk to?

Are you too busy actually recruiting to even search LinkedIn, let alone go further? Don’t worry. Let us do that bit for you by generating a list of potential candidates appropriate for your trickiest roll.

If you work in a niche, we can also help you to map your market, identifying the people with the skills you need across your industry.

We have experience in lots of sectors, from Management Consulting and Engineering to FMCG and Technology and we also love a new challenge!

source recruitment

Katharine and I have worked together closely over a year during which we dove into various challenging research projects. Found Katharine’s work as well as our general collaboration very adaptive and reliable, learning a lot together too. Look forward to the next project!

Mia Wähälä

Head of Talent, EQT Ventures

How It Works

You brief us on your role. This usually takes up to an hour on a video call with Katharine.

We then go away and run some initial searches. We will send you a list of 5-10 names in order to get your feedback. This really helps us calibrate our search and know we’re barking up the right trees.

We usually share information with you via Google Sheets. This makes it easy for us to collaborate in real-time as well as hand over data ownership to you at the end of the project.

Recent Projects

Every client is different, so most of our sourcing projects look a little different. 

Here are a few examples of how we’ve worked with recent clients.

Client 1

An ongoing project to map talent in Berlin and Paris for a specific type of role. The client was hiring in both locations but also wanted to build relationships with relevant candidates for the future. 

We collaborated with them over a 6-month period, building out a comprehensive market map for the two cities. 

Client 2

A company with approximately 10 employees looking to grow. They had advertised roles but received very few relevant applications. 

We helped them by producing lists of relevant candidates that they could then reach out to themselves.

Client 3

A niche recruitment company working in the UK and USA. 

We helped them by mapping out everyone with relevant job titles in a list of 250+ target companies.

What to do next

If you think we could help you, don’t hesitate to fill in the form on this page and get your questions answered. There’s no obligation to go ahead.