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source recruitment

FREE SEARCH TOOLS! We have set up custom Google Searches to help you find candidates quickly and easily!

Having worked with Katharine this year as a fellow coach in the Recruiting Gym, she was amazingly helpful as I was starting out on my journey into the online training world. Her knowledge on sourcing is second to none, and if I have a question, she’s always the first person I would ask.
Professional, helpful, and pretty unflappable – even when the tech is against her!
Angela Cripps

MD/Owner, Recruiting Gym



Katharine Robinson has been working in recruitment since 2008 and internet sourcing is her primary expertise. Over the last 15 years, she has worked in both Agency and In-house recruitment teams. She loves to geek out about search tools and finding candidates. In 2010 she won the title of Grandmaster Sourcer at SourceCon in San Diego.


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She is incredibly knowledgeable and always surprises me with her completely forensic knowledge of how to uncover every scrap of information, just when you think you’ve found everything. More to the point, she always surprises the geekiest member of the team who thinks they know every single trick … and then they learn another two or three from Katharine!
Tim Connolly

Founder, ALC Enable

The Sourcing Spell Book

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I have had the opportunity to interact with Katharine on several occasions and every single time I meet with her she gives me new ideas on sourcing techniques to test and try. I regard Katharine as a valuable authority on all things sourcing and direct recruitment related, I regularly ask her for her advice and opinion on tough issues and am always greeted with enthusiasm and professionalism. 10/10 on the Rating scale!
Ralph Meyer

Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Procore Technologies

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Katherine is brilliant, she always manages to unearth talent that we haven’t found! She always works to the brief and timeline. High recommend her.
Carys Mills

Founder, Carys Mills Consulting

Katharine can also be found delivering trainings and offering advice on the Daily Workouts at Recruiting Gym.



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