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Sourcing Hat is now Cup & Sourcer

Sourcing Hat is now Cup & Sourcer

We are rebranding and changing the company name from Sourcing Hat to Cup & Sourcer! Here's why. In 2012 I registered Sourcing Hat as a limited company. I’d been debating a name, and nothing felt right until this idea dawned on me.  I had talked about putting my...

The Benefits of ChatGPT for Recruiters

The Benefits of ChatGPT for Recruiters

As a recruiter, your time is valuable. You have a lot of responsibilities, from sourcing and screening candidates to coordinating interviews and negotiating offers. It can be tough to keep up with all of the demands on your time, and anything that can help you work...

A Review of ChatGPT from OpenAI

A Review of ChatGPT from OpenAI

As a writer the announcement of ChatGPT back in November 2022 made my heart sink. The creativity and imagination we writers love to use, could surely not be recreated by AI tech? But having used OpenAI’s DALL.E 2 image tool, I knew there was a possibility that the AI...

New Linkedin Feature: About This Profile

New Linkedin Feature: About This Profile

Have you heard about LinkedIn's new "About this profile" feature?LinkedIn doesn't tend to shout about new features, so it's very possible that this is the first you are hearing of it. I have to say, it is something from an employer or recruiter’s point of view, that I...

LinkedIn Update: Changes to the ‘Activity’ Section

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New LinkedIn update to the ‘Activity’ Section on LinkedIn profiles, makes it far more obvious to the viewer whether the person they are viewing has posted or interacted on LinkedIn recently.

The ‘Activity’ section is located near the top of LinkedIn profiles, above the profile owner’s work experience.


This section used to display a fairly confusing selection of the profile owner’s recent ‘activities’ on LinkedIn, in the form of post and article shares and comments, or reactions to other people’s posts (as shown here).

LinkedIn Update


Often, this presented a confusing picture, so we would need to click the ‘Show all Activity’ button at the bottom to dig deeper.

Recognising that this is a bit of a clumsy way of getting to the information we need, I suspect these extra clicks put off a lot of people from properly investigating how active their prospects’ really were on the platform, LinkedIn have made some simple but very effective changes to the Activity section.

This is a change that is only just now being rolled out, so some of us may not have the updated version yet, but here is what the changes will look like:


LinkedIn update


The above is what you will see when the changes come into effect.  All activities viewable from a person’s profile are sectioned into categories under separate tabs, titled as follows: ‘Posts’, ‘Comments’, ‘Images’, ‘Articles’ & ‘Documents’.  This gives us the option to view one type of activity at a time, making it much easier to interpret someone’s most recent LinkedIn activity. If a user had ‘Creator Mode’ enabled, it is possible that you will also see a tab for ‘Newsletters’ if they use this feature. 


Our feedback on these changes from a recruiter’s perspective?…  It’s a big thumbs up from us! It is such a small tweak, but makes a big difference, both for us looking at candidates and prospective candidates and clients viewing our profiles.

The benefits of this change?

  • User friendly – easier to make sense of
  • Navigation – less clicks
  • More obvious to see if a person is a current and active LinkedIn user and therefore worth reaching out to.


Control what of your activity you share

If you’ve interacted on LinkedIn in the last 365 days, the Activity section will still appear on your profile, but you can always view and delete your activity if you change your mind about sharing something.

To learn more on managing your recent activity here.

You can also control which activity category is highlighted first when a person views your profile. Simply use the pencil icon in the top right of your Activity section to choose which category you want – the default is your recent posts.

Is this LinkedIn update visible to you yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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