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How To Send A Voice Message On LinkedIn

Alternative messaging techniques came up earlier this month when I was running a session with Alex Moyle for The Recruiting Gym. I realised that not everyone knew sending a voice message was an option on LinkedIn. This can be useful when you're out and about - it's so...

Launching the AirSource Podcast

Every month Katharine from Sourcing Hat and Andy from Aspen In-house will be bringing you soundbites from the world of sourcing in the form of the AirSource podcast. Look for new episodes on the second Thursday of every month. The next episode will be ready to...

Are You Incepting Desirable Talent Ready For January?

Is anyone actually looking for a new job right now, in December? Yes, of course. But there are also a lot of people that are putting it off and people who haven’t even thought about it yet. It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday season. Things are winding down now....

What is X-Ray Search anyway?

I get asked about X-Ray search all the time. The question cropped up again at the UK Sourcers meetup in Leeds this February. It’s one of those terms that gets thrown around, along with search strings and boolean, to mean “whatever it is you do with Google to get those...

ChatGPT robots

The Benefits of ChatGPT for Recruiters

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As a recruiter, your time is valuable. You have a lot of responsibilities, from sourcing and screening candidates to coordinating interviews and negotiating offers. It can be tough to keep up with all of the demands on your time, and anything that can help you work more efficiently is worth considering. That’s where Chat GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) comes in.

For those unfamiliar with Chat GPT, it is a natural language processing tool that can assist with a variety of tasks, including answering questions and generating responses to prompts. In the context of recruiting, Chat GPT can be used to automate certain parts of the process, freeing up your time to focus on more high-level tasks.

One of the biggest benefits of Chat GPT for recruiters is its ability to handle repetitive tasks. For example, you might get a lot of questions from candidates about the job requirements, the company culture, or the benefits package. Rather than answering these questions one by one, you can use Chat GPT to generate responses for you. This can save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on more important tasks, such as evaluating resumes and conducting interviews.

Another advantage of Chat GPT is its ability to understand and process large amounts of data quickly. If you have a database of resumes or job descriptions, Chat GPT can help you extract key information and highlight relevant skills and experience. This can be especially helpful when you’re working on a high-volume recruitment campaign and need to sift through a large number of applications.

Another way Chat GPT can assist recruiters is by providing personalized responses to candidates. When a candidate submits an application or reaches out with a question, Chat GPT can analyze their information and generate a customized response based on their unique background and qualifications. This can help you build stronger relationships with candidates and make a positive impression.

In summary, Chat GPT can be a valuable tool for recruiters looking to work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re handling repetitive tasks, processing large amounts of data, or interacting with candidates, Chat GPT can help you save time and resources, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your job.


  • This post was written entirely by ChatGPT in response to my command, ‘write a blog post about the benefits of Chat GPT for recruiters’. To read my review of ChatGPT GO HERE.

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